Stillman & Birn

Zeta Series Today I will review the Zeta Series Sketchbook by Stillman & Birn. Stillman and Birn list the Zeta Series as being: “Weight: 180 lb. – 270 gsm, Shade: Natural White, Surface: Smooth, Media: Watercolor,Pen & Ink, & Dry Media”. I bought this hard bound version on the Zeta Series intending to use it as an everyday carry and practice book. I picked the Zeta Series because it wash a white paper and smooth texture that was good for watercolor. From the reviews, I [...]

Supply Order

Yesterday I ordered supplies to get me started on my journey.  If you have any other suggestions on things I should get please let me know.  In any case, here is a list of items on their way to me: BOOKS Japanese Hiragana & Katakana for Beginners,  Timothy G. Stout Japanese from Zero! 1, George Trombley & Yukari Takenaka Japanese from Zero! 2, George Trombley & Yukari Takenaka WRITING SUPPLIES Zeta Sketchbook 5.5X8.5, Stillman and Birn Mnemosyne – Word Cards 4.1X2.1, [...]