Kuretake No.50

Sable Hair Brush Pen I am finally able to give you a review of the Kuretake No 50. Writing with a brush pen is a whole new skill set as you must have more control to ensure stroke quality. I am by no means an expert on the technique so I will not cover how to write with a brush pen. I will talk about the construction of the No 50 and my experience of use. This brush pen has a natural sable (weasel) hair tip and a brass body coated with acrylic.  This gives a solid feel and a very controllable [...]


When I first started researching brush pens I quickly found most people suggested getting a converter.  If you are asking yourself, “why would you buy an accessory for a brush pen?”, or even “what is a converter?” well I will try to shed some light on this subject. The converter allows you to use a wider variety of inks. It accomplishes this by allowing the user to suck their chosen ink into the converter by twisting the back then putting the converter into the body of [...]