Sailor Kiwaguro

Nano Ultra Black Ink

Meet the Kiwaguro Ink from Sailor also known as Nano Ultra Black. This high quality ink was designed specifically for use with brush pens but can be used in other types of fountain pens also. This is the ink that I have decided to us in my Kuretake No.50 and you can read the full review about the ink use and pen here: LINK(coming soon). I will focus mainly on an introduction to the ink in this post.

Here is the ingenious plastic insert sits inside the bottle and allows you to fill your pen or converter with ease. It may be hard to see here but there are two holes in the top on the sides of this plastic insert. This allows you to turn the bottle over before you open it and this fills the reservoir at the top. It also drains enough out of the reservoir that its won’t spill out when you open the bottle. Making the process of filling your pen or converter very simple no matter how much ink is left in the bottle.

Sailor Kiwaguro is a carbon based ink using very tiny “nano-particles” suspended in fluid. This allows for smooth writing without clogs, feathering, or bleeds. On high quality paper the ink dries very quickly and once dries is water resistant. I have read other reviews saying it takes as long as 30 seconds to dry but I have not had that experience. The ink is a dark black and there is a sheen to the ink once dry which is a nice touch in my opinion but might not be for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Kiwaguro is more expensive then many other inks. Twice as much in some cases. Although in my opinion, if you are using a high quality writing instrument it is well worth using high quality ink also. Help your pen find its full potential, do your research and try different inks till you find the ink that works best for you.

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