Pilot Momiji

色彩雫 紅葉
iroshizuku momiji

Today I will review PILOT iroshizuku momiji ink.  I bought this ink awhile back and have been using it in my new Kuretake No.40 (pen review coming soon).  PILOT is a Japanese manufacturer of writing instruments and inks.  They use Japanese words as part of their branding so let’s learn the meaning of these words.  Iroshizuku 「いろしずく」 【色彩雫】 means color drop(s).  Momiji 「もみじ」【紅葉】 means crimson leaves or the intense red of autumn foliage in 日本.


I was hoping for a red color similar to the label on the box.  The ink actually  produces a nice pink – red color.  If you are looking for a “red” ink, this is not for you.  The color is more of a dark pink than a red, as you can see in the sample I provided.  The ink flows nicely out of the Kuretake No.40.  The ink dries quickly, even when I accidentally lay down a heavy line.  もみじ is not an opaque ink and you will get show-through of darker colors behind the もみじ layer.

Momijiいろしずく inks have a pH range of 8.5 to 10.5.  I wrote to Kuretake to see if this was within the safe range of their sable hair brush pen 「ふでペン」 【筆ペン】.  They responded that they could only suggest the ink that is provided with the pen.   Although, this was not the answer that I was looking for,  I understand the company wants you to continue to use their ink as it means continued revenues.  However, I find this very limiting to only have the option of black ink.  Thus, I decided to test it in my pen anyway.  I will continue to use it for a couple of months and then update you if I have seen any negative effects to the brush.

This ink is unlike the きわぐろ極黒】 that I previously reviewed here.   いろしず was developed for use in fountain pens 「まんねんひつ」万年筆】.  This is evident even in the bottle design, which have a nib indent in the bottom of the bottle to allow for maximum ink usage as the bottle gets low.   In any case,  いろしずく line of inks has 25 available colors and I hope that this ink continues to work flawlessly, so that I may try some of the other colors that are available.

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