Kuretake No.50

Sable Hair Brush Pen

Kuretake No. 50 TipI am finally able to give you a review of the Kuretake No 50. Writing with a brush pen is a whole new skill set as you must have more control to ensure stroke quality. I am by no means an expert on the technique so I will not cover how to write with a brush pen. I will talk about the construction of the No 50 and my experience of use.

This brush pen has a natural sable (weasel) hair tip and a brass body coated with acrylic.  This gives a solid feel and a very controllable weight to the pen with a lacquer feel to the exterior. The base color of black is accented with tones of red to grey.  The trim, hardware, and lettering are gold in color.  The Kuretake No.50 comes packaged in a wooden box wrapped in a sleeve of paper that holds the box top and bottom together. I believe all high quality writing instruments should come packaged in a similar manner.  You also receive three of Kuretake ink cartridges and instructions.

language Platinum Converter fit nicely and firmly in place with no leaks.  The only thing that is a little bothersome is that you have to twist the back off the pen and twist the converter occasionally (about once a day depending on use) to keep the ink towards the brush tip.  The  brush strokes are usually solid and clean as this brush pen lays down a nice consistent flow of ink.  When the flow begins to slow down the first thing I notice is the ends of the strokes begin to not be solid.  I know at that point it’s time to give the converter a twist and it goes right back to normal. This image shows the character for “language” and was written with a low ink level.

Sailor Kiwaguro has been an excellent ink thus far. The ink is extremely black as its’ name implies. In this image, I have written the Kanji for “Kiwa Guro”,  you can see the sheen of the ink with the light bouncing back at the camera. The ink dries within seconds and will resist water once dry. I sometimes have made a mistake and produced a blob of ink in which case I blow on the ink and it dries quickly. I have not had any issues with it drying in the converter or in the brush pen itself. The cap of the Kuretake No 50 secures tightly and even after a week of no use the ink flows nicely.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt this brush pen is capable of far more then I am.  In a trained hand I am positive the results would be terrific.  I would suggest buying the Kuretake No 50 if you already have experience with brush pens or if you want a solid writing instrument.  I believe you can learn to use it proficiently even if you have not used a brush pen before.  However, it is an investment into a quality brush pen.  You must consider for the price of one No 50 you could buy ten different brush pens and have a broader experience.

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  1. Paula Shaffer 07/03/2014 at 19:45

    Wow. You really explained this pen well. I have never used one before but this makes me super excited to go out and buy one right now. Thanks so much for the great reviews…. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more.

    • Paula,
      Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad that you enjoyed my review. You will not be disappointed if you purchase a Kuretake No 50.

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