August 2014

Pilot Momiji

色彩雫 紅葉 iroshizuku momiji Today I will review PILOT iroshizuku momiji ink.  I bought this ink awhile back and have been using it in my new Kuretake No.40 (pen review coming soon).  PILOT is a Japanese manufacturer of writing instruments and inks.  They use Japanese words as part of their branding so let’s learn the meaning of these words.  Iroshizuku 「いろしずく」 【色彩雫】 means color drop(s).  Momiji 「もみじ」【紅葉】 means crimson leaves or the [...]

Count in Japanese #2

Beyond the Number 10 In this post, I will attempt to explain what to do when you go above 10.  If you haven’t read Count in Japanese #1, please read this first, as it will walk you through the kanji for 1-10.  I will not cover that information in this post, but hopefully expand your knowledge with a few new kanji and the process of writing numbers beyond the number 10. First, with the kanji you already know you can now count all the way to 99.  Let us look closer at how to accomplish [...]
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