June 2014

Handwriting #1

Hiragana ひらがな / Katakana カタカナ Yesterday I wrote my first Japanese sentences and thought I would share them with you so that you may see how my handwriting is coming along. Below is a sample of a few very simple sentences that I wrote for my friend (ともだち) and unofficial teacher (せんせい), Hiroko (ひろこ). I know that I changed sizes of characters after 2nd sentence as I had misjudged my spacing and adjusted to keep each sentence on one line. Please leave a comment [...]

Hiragana 1st Test

Progress Report 6/10/14 This will be a short update of my progression into the Japanese language. Here is the screenshot of the first test I took on JA Sensei. I took this test today after completing the Hiragana section of Japanese Hiragana & Katakana for Beginners by Timothy G. Stout. The JA Sensei application allows you to set many different ways to test your knowledge of Hiragana and Katakana. For this initial test I used the settings shown here.  I tested my knowledge of seeing the [...]
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