May 2014


When I first started researching brush pens I quickly found most people suggested getting a converter.  If you are asking yourself, “why would you buy an accessory for a brush pen?”, or even “what is a converter?” well I will try to shed some light on this subject. The converter allows you to use a wider variety of inks. It accomplishes this by allowing the user to suck their chosen ink into the converter by twisting the back then putting the converter into the body of [...]

Word Card

This will be the first review of Mnemosyne Word Cards by Maruman. In this review I will cover the basic look and feel of the product. In a later review, I will cover the usability and durability of the Word Cards. I had ordered the Maruman Word Cards from JetPens. I intend to use these as flash cards for Kanji. I will write the Kanji on one side then on the reverse have meaning, pronunciation, and other words using that character. The cards are soft to the touch with a textured surface. I kind [...]
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